Sunday, May 11, 2008

Traveling to WI (texas & NM stops)

This is on our way back to WI. I forgot to take pictures at all our stops but, took the ones that were the nicest. LOL~~ We stopped in Deming, NM the first night but, it was not anything special. The horses did get their own space every night. Most places the dogs got to run around free with no leash but, not all. The cats had it the hardest but, made it with not much trouble. They were even fairly quiet! However My cat Spirit did get sick but, it might be allergies. We may take him to the vet tomorrow but, he is kinda snaping out of it. Nate is Running the girls in the round pen before we have to get back on the road. This place in Amarillo, TX was super nice and we spoiled ouselves with a bunkhouse room and it was nicer and cheaper then other rooms we have been in through the years. Some we paid over $150 for and this one for $75 was better then them! LOL~~ The girls were very happy to have a 60 foot round pen to themselves. Our dogs and cats got to run their entire barn as we were the only ones staying that night! They loved it to say the least and the owners were very nice.
This was in NM. We stayed near the 60. Can't think of the town's name. Its a little past Socorro. Nice RV park. We stayed in our truck on the bed in back. It was a bit crowded but, we made it through. At least this place had showers and a bathroom we could use!! The other one didn't which sucked for me. Had to go potty outside or in the horse trailer. I know TMI. The horses had fun in their stalls every night!

Back to Texas place. LOL~~ Thought it was nice to get pictures of them running in the round pen. I know they liked it. Its fun to train this way. They don't even know its happening. LOL

The barn the dogs and cats got to run all night!
Outside shots of the bunkhouse building
NM park

Bunkhouse inside the room
Guest kitchen as they serve continental breakfast!!
Walkway to the bunkhouse room
They plan to screen this porch in so bugs will leave ya alone!!
Outside of bunkhouse area

Speckles sleeping. He barried himself on the bed in back. They got a cushy ride being on the bed all the time! LOL

Texas main building (owners office and house)
Inside room again

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