Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hubby and his Spinning wheel!

Roving from Etsy shop Copperpot. There roving is WONDERFUL and I WILL buy more soon!

this wild berries roving we bought at a LYS in Roberts, WI. Its lovely and Nate has actually started another bobin of it and it making that one even thinner to my request!

Both bobins are full on the first rovings he did on his new wheel which is an ashford.

Here is the second day or so of spinning. After much cussing and calling some friends for HELP he got the hang of it!! Thankfully we have met some great new friends here in WI. He is now really good at it and fast. He troubleshoots better also. I'm very proud and can't wait to knit with this new yarn! I have made requests of how I'd like it spun as to thick or thin or a little of both. I will keep up on the updates hopefully better. I'm really behind and is why there are so many posts today! LOL


LDSVenus said...

HOW COOL!!! I've been married 3 times and non of them would have been caught dead near a spindle or wheel that didn't belong on a car :P. Lucky you!!! His work looks really nice. :)

cre8tivkj said...

Hey! It looks like my spinning wheel! I am spinning like a mad woman, I am spinning lace now. I didn't have the benefit of having anyone to call, I just put my DVD I bought back in and watched it over and over again until it finally clicked. I am so excited that I am spinning lace. I have a pair of socks going on my fine gauge loom with my super fine yarn :D Your hubby is a dear for doing this for you! And, yes, there are a lot of men that spin, men are the ones that started spinning, actually, knitting and crochet too!