Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest festival

Here is our goodies from the festival!! Black Llama raw. about 2 pounds.
2 pounds of White Llama

5.3 oz of Angora wool ( as is Mufasa)

Close up of the purple roving

Fairy Dust. Nate liked this one so got it for him to spin up. 8 oz!!

This one is my choice. I'm trying hard to stay away from teal's as I seem to dye that alot myself and so I have lots. LOL~~ 8oz.

Here is the blue and purple together. This will be spun up and probably plied together.

The actual sheep the fiber is from

Here is close up of the sheeps fiber all ready for spinning!! YUMMMMMMM

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journalist said...

beautiful collection.!