Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Family and fun pictures of our week

Thought it might be nice to share some pictures of my family and what has been going on around here besides the flu! LOL~~ This is my niece Samantha. She is 3 yrs. old but, is very advanced. She acts and talks like a 5 yr. old. One smart cookie here and can be lippy also. She has one heck of an attitude at times and says the funniest and cutest stuff. She's very happy and is a lover of animals and the outdoors. My sister and her husband do lots outdoors with them both having backgrounds in forestry. She loves to camp and fish but, also likes to play dress up and girl things like that. She's very fun to knit for!!

Here is Dream. She is my Baby girl. She's a almost 4 yr. old registered Shetland Pony. She is a HUGE part of my life and keeps me going and is one that has kept me out of depression and helped me in more ways then I ever dreamed of. She is the light of my life. When she runs it reminds me of an arabian horse. She's very fast, graceful, and beautiful. Usually she has her tail up in the air more but, couldn't get the picture right when I was snapping away. She has come a very long way with me. She has a past of abuse and trust issues. She bonded to me faster then I ever thought and she and I are a tight couple. I love her very much.
Abby Girl is a Miniature Horse and is my Husbands baby. She is 9 yrs. old or so and has a history of abuse and neglect also. She is a good girl tho and Dream and her are great together.
Dream had just ran up to the fence and had to put the brakes on! LOL~~ You can kinda see the dust rolling. They love to look out at others walking in their yards.
And they are OFF!! LOL~~ So much fun watching them run together.
Sammy girl being goofy.

Here is a set of 3 pictures. My old camera would have NEVER done this good. I've tried to get series shots before. You can also see that she is DARK BROWN but, in the wrong light she looks black. She needs to be brushed again as they are shedding their fuzzys. It would show up a lot better then! Anyhow here is my baby girl getting ready to roll! She has found a great spot and I got her just in time when she's on her way down.
Feet up in the air rolling
Just about to toss over once more and then get up! Abby decided not to roll until I put the camera away. I WILL get her one of these days!! I LOVE these pictures and had to share them!
On the run again.
Around the Bend
Here is family pictures. My mom's siblings came out to Arizona all at once and it was a lot of fun even tho they brought the sickness! So it is 5 sets of siblings and my mom and dad plus 1 cousin!! Most of them this is the first time in Arizona! Some haven't even flown before like my cousin Robin!! It was sad to see them leave but, we will see them all but, 1 aunt and uncle when we go this spring to WI. Uncle Lewie and Aunt Bev winter in Az and live in Oregon so won't see them in WI. I'm in the second picture right by my mom on the right. Hubby was the only one that could take pictures and he did great! He had 8 camera's in his hands taking pictures in that shot! To bad he didn't get to be in it but, it was a once in a lifetime shot that had to be taken.

Here are our girls in our new trailer for the first time! It went well and they did relax fairly well also. They kept turning their head to make sure nate and I were still their. My baby girl was a bit scared at first but, a butt scratch and some hay and she is all good! LOL~~ She got out of the trailer like a charm also! All those lessons on backing up helped. They have never been in a straight load before. Abby had a bit more trouble getting out but, she did pretty good.

Dream noticed I was outside again and looked at me. She will come to me from anywhere once she sees me or her name is called by me.

This is Tequila. She is my mom and Dad's Yellow lab. We watched her for a couple days while my parents were visiting an uncle in CA. She's a good girl.

Then there is my 2 dogs Star is an Aussie and Speckles who is a mini DOxie. Here they all got bones as a treat and are all spoiled!
One last shots of the siblings together!

Hope you all enjoyed this part of my life. Figured I put up so many pictures of YARN and things I would share another side of me. This week has been very special even tho I did get the flu! It didn't last to long thankfully!!


Kathy N said...

Love the pictures of your niece. The Shetland's are beautiful.

DawnK said...

Awww, cute niece and pretty horses. It must be fun to watch them play. Whenever we are out in the car, and we horses actually running or walking, instead of just standing there eating, we get so excited.

Aunt Kathy said...

Those pictures are great, looks like you are blessed with an great family.

Mary said...

Your ponies are gorgeous, they must be so much fun to watch!

knitteakitty said...

Your babies are beautiful. Dream is such a pretty mover. I ususally think of shetlands as more stocky, but she's elegant.

What a blessing to have such great family time. Even your pups got a visit!