Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finished Projects

My First Shawl is DONE!!!! This took about 3 weeks to do and the pattern is out of the Knifty Knitter loom book for long looms. Its an easy pattern but, does take some time to do. I also have this as a surprise for my mom who is visiting so I had to quick hide it when they pulled into the driveway every day or so! LOL~~ So it took a bit more time bacause of this but, she will get it before they leave which I was really starting to wonder if I would get it done in time. I finished it late last night. 12:30am. I was very happy to get it off the loom and have the feeling of acomplishment. It is in rib stitch and done on the blue long loom. The yarn used is homespun yarn. The colors in person are beautiful.

Here are the patches for a quilt someone made and it was in a bag of yarn I got from Freecycle. I do not use this type of thing so would love to give them a new home and to someone that would put these to good use. There are 25 squares! More then I thought but, I did count them. Please let me know if you would like them!

Here is the doll in a basket that I finally finished. VERY late but, at least it is done! It will go to my 3 yr. old niece. This is far from perfect but, guess thats how it goes. The doll stretched way to much when stuffing. She will still like it tho.
Here is her Kitty! It is done in Red Heart Symphony yarn and I LOVE this yarn! It is soooo soft and nice to work with. I know she will love this. SHe loves animals and espeshially cats. I plan to make lots more stuffed animals for her. I think it turned out cute. Sorry I can't think of who the designer is. It is not my design!! It also didn't say on the pattern I had so whoever E this pattern. I also have a dog and I think bear pattern done by this same person that I do plan to make sometime.

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viresa said...

hello.. I would be interested in the crochet squares and also everything you have made looks really nice. How hard was it to do the Shawl.. Viresa