Monday, February 25, 2008


Thank you everyone for your comments. I only work out of my house so I have the joy of being able to knit a lot! I'm very addicted to loom knitting and YARN!! LOL~~ For some reason when people comment I'm unable to e-mail you back! Skye had a question and I tried to get to you. Please if you have a question feel free to e-mail me anytime at

This way I can answer you fully! I'm not computer savvy at times. I will be posting finished projects hopefully this week. Should be 3 things. I'm very excited about all the yarn I have and feel completely blessed. My husband is wonderful. I feel guilty at times that he lets me spend so much money on my crafting but, he reminds me often on how many years we had to penny pinch and use my birthday money on bills just to make it. So he says it is time for me to get the things I want and love. He knows I will use every bit of it and is excited when I show him the finished projects. I have a wonderful husband to say the least. We are blessed to be our own bosses and still be able to help others! I've run support groups for people with Chrinic Illnesses online and local as I have several medical challenges. So helping others is very important to us as I've felt how it is to feel alone and struggle with feeling like crap and nobody understanding. I don't want anyone to feel that way. So we are truely blessed as I myself have been on many herbal products that didn't work and flushed money down the drain basically when we really didn't have it. Now that is different because the herbs I'm on is helping me!! When I started to notice differences I started to cry. It was like finally something actually will help me! I HATE prescription drugs because of the side effects and how they make me feel. That is me. I do take some because of 80% of my spine is messed up and large amounts of pain. I don't like it but, I know someday I will be able to get off of them. THinking possitive for me is HUGE. It makes me feel better and I fully believe that negitive thoughts will just bring you down. I do think bad thoughts at times but, come to my sences and turn it into a positive thing. It is hard at first to make yourself do this but, it does help. If you haven't watched the movies THE SECRET and the 2nd part to it PASS IT ON then your totally missing out! I do have copies of PASS IT ON for sale if your interested. I hope by me posting my treasures is not making someone feel bad. I fully am not meaning to do this! I just get so excited and to share it with other yarn lovers is fun for me.

I plan to make some charity items for Phoenix Childrens Hospital. I think hats would be great but, want to do some animals and stuff that is fun and they can cuddle up with. We are going to bring our 2 horses for pony rides as soon as possible. Have to talk to someone at the hospital. We just bought a horse trailer last night and so we are almost set for traveling to WI in May!! It will be crowded on the way there as we are brining our 2 dogs and 2 cats along with the horses. We will be camping out at horse friendly places and sleep in the suburban with a bed in back. Then in Sept. when we get ready to come back we are buying a new truck that will be deseil and probably a Dodge 3500. Plus a Living Quarters horse trailer!! So we will be more confy then. We will trade our now suburban in. Might also do the trailer but, not sure as we may have someone bring it back for us. We know people that are truckers and so called hot shots which are people that drive 1 ton trucks or big trucks with car hauling trailers and that. So we might call on them.

Also on our way back we will spend quite a bit of time in New Mexico around the south western part (no SNOW) as we are looking at moving there and planning on buying 20 to 40 acres of land with hopefully a house already on it. We are excited as we have many plans with owning property like that. 1. is have more horses and a hobby farm so we can grow our own food and have our own meat. 2. run a theripy day camp with our horses for children and adults. 3. do a foster home. 4. there is so much to list! LOL

Just wanted to give you all an insite to my life. Thank you all for your friendship and comments. Please e-mail me if you ever have a question!


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