Sunday, February 24, 2008

My treasures in 2 days! Am I a yarnaholic??

this yarn is for our friends baby boy afghan/blanket. He is due May 15th!! Its a total surprise. I'm making a lot more then the blanket for them. If this yarn does well I will pick out more for my sisters baby unknown sex in June 23rd.
This is my Bamboo yarn! I got it at Cotton Fields in avondale, az yesterday! It is soooo soft.Not sure what I'm going to make but, thought of Karens Gloves!!

This is going to be my shawl. I want a lacy type one! Figured I'd make sure I get enough so I bought 5. Also from Cotton Fields, Az

This is Hubby's alpaca he picked out. Unknown on item he wants from it. bought at Avondale Cotton Fields. This is Walmart's peaches and cream yarn I picked up just because I'm going to do lots of dishcloths and hand towels. So needed more! LOL ~~ Shot of double stocked basically update picture of this area! LOL~~

I will make 1 pair of booties for my friends baby and sisters baby out of this and the no scratch mits. The purple and Blue is Alpaca yarn and this is MINE!! LOL~~ Might be Karen's Gloves also or who knows what! It was on sale and got this and the Puffin at Bonnies Yarn in Care Free, Az

Got this at Jo Ann's and it was on sale at $7.99 so I picked it up. 1 day to soon I guess for the peaches and cream 5/$10 and is what I really wanted! Oh well. It will be a grocery bag as Az is trying to be baggless! I LOVE These Large 850 yard skiens at Jo Ann's and HAD to pick up some more. I have a lot of this in different colors but, have plans in my mind for them:-)

Here we go on Smiley's Yarn! Got my shippment that hubby was oh so kind to toss his card at me. The Wool was on sale for .99 a skien! Only for limited time. Missed out on some colors but, still happy. I got 6 of each color:-) Plan to make purses out of it or a afghan.

Bonnie's Yarn again! LOL~~ On sale 40% off and got it because I loved the colors. Scarf maybe? Or... who knows. Sox yarn is DH buy as he says he gets to pick out something from the LYS he takes me to to have me make him. LOL~~ I agreed because he's being soooooo wonderful in spoiling me rotton. We have never been able to spend money like this until we joined a health and wellness business and now the sky is the limit! We are very very greatful and are planning to look at land in NM in Sept on our way back from WI and may buy! We want 20+ acres! So we may be moving!!! We are very excited about our future now and want to help others like our mentor has helped us. So if your interested in a bit more money and feeling wonderful with awsome all natural products drop me and e-mail!

Smilies Again! I'm making hubby and I a pair of Isela's Plushy Socks with Polorspun. I'm hoping they will be just as nice. Can't find the Yarn Isela used! More Smilies on the Patons Cha Cha. I have lots of different things to choose from for this yarn and VERY excited. This yarn is soooo soft and I just LOVE it!!

Sock yarn from Smilies. The more tealish one is for me and the other 2 are for hubby as he has size 14 feet and mine are 7 1/2. I'm making my 3 yr. old niece a purse with the Moda-Dea Dream purple yarn. I have 2 skeins already bought from before. I guess this is it! Except I know I'm missing 2 other skiens from Jo Ann's of the 850 yard skiens. Guess I'll post them once a project is done with them! LOL Hope you enjoy and I will be having LOTS of FUN!!!! Oh I finally found a stitch counter! Now I don't have to write down slash marks and can just click it!


Laurie said...

I am jealous! It looks like you had some yarn shopping fun. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

Lindy said...

How fun!!! I just have one question, WHERE DO YOU GET THE TIME TO USE IT?!?!? :)

Karen T. said...

Oh the possibilities!! I loved looking at your purchases and your stash! ENJOY!! Karen T.

DawnK said...

Wow. you have a huge stash! I'd never have time to knit up that much yarn!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I only wish that I had your stash....LOL. once I really get going in school and have a great job I WILL have the stash I want...LOL


Good for you! All that new yarn is a welcome addition to your wonderful stash! You'll create beautiful things that will bring joy!