Monday, August 18, 2008

Alpaca blankets and more fiber

This is alpaca blankets from a lady on ravelry that was needing to clear out a huge storage shed. She was even going to BURN it all but, lucky she posted first in a group and had a flood of people wanting them. We got 3. I still have to take a picture of the brown but, I started washing it and its still in the van as I did some at a friends house. Its close to the brown part in this rose grey blanket. I will post it tho sometime.
Black Alpaca blanket
This is sheep, can't remember what kind but, We got them both for $20 and its 9 oz. each so Hubby liked the peach one and I liked the dark brown one. Its nice and soft also. I know its not merino.
A friend gave hubby this fiber and he spun it up. I think its falklin but, not sure. She dyed it and its SOOOOOOOOO pretty. He spun it up really fast and it looks wonderful!
Here it is finished.

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