Tuesday, August 19, 2008

horse stalls done!

Ok, Some know we had planned to get stalls done before Tori got here but, with work needing done on pasture and then expanding that one to be larger as Dream and Abby ate it all before Tori could even get here! LOL~~
So needless to say it didn't get done. So hubby and father in law has been working on it. First was Abby's as the other 2 were eatting all her food and we were having to stand down there until she was done which was an hour at times as she is soooo slow at eatting. Well she dropped more weight then we wanted so hubby put off things and got hers done. Thankfully she is now starting to gain weight!!! YIPEEEEE~~ She is on a half and half deal to boost weight gain. She is doing well and actually seems to like being alone. They all can see eachother and talk so alls well in the world.
Today hubby got Tori and Dream's stalls done which was easy as they just split the large stall in half!! As Dream is head hontcho and started being mean to Tori and eat all her food which means she dropped maybe 5 pounds. However with all this bullying Dream has GAINED weight to the point where she HAS to be seperated and we now have to work on her dropping the pounds!! Anyhow here's some pictures. Dream looking at me wondering why I'm paying attention to Tori and Not her. LOL~~ She did get her hugs also. She's also a bit miffed that she can't get Tori's food!
So how long is the hay going to last? maybe an hour. MAYBE ~~ Like I said she's overweight and doesn't get as much as the others but, don't want to make her feel left out!
Tori very happy at being able to eat some pellets and then some hay and back and forth as she chooses. She eats slower then Dream but, not as slow as Abby. I'm having a lot of fun with her. We have made great stride even with me going to Mayo Clinic. She is as sweet as Dream is and Abby is. PERFECT match for us all.
Abby slowly eatting. LOL~~ This hole here is where Dream would stick her neck through the 1st night we had Abby in her own stall. It was cute and I forgot the camera!
I'm short but, still got the pictures! Had to stand on some wood to get a better shot of Abby and her stall.
This is how we split the stall and they still get to talk and see eachother. They are very close and I really do wonder if they know they are sisters.

They all need a bath and Tori has a large not in her mane due to me having to go to Mayo Clinic all the time and Nate unable to catch her. LOL~~ So we will have to trim it out and her mane will be shorter but, really it will grow back fast. She was so jumpy for a month and wouldn't let me hug her or hardly touch her. She would dance around. Well Nate left for a week and I worked with her and well, I can hug her all I want now and even catch her with no trouble in the stalls and sometimes outside. LOL~~ She has come a long way and it makes me very happy and proud. These are my first horses ever owning so its a learning lesson for us all.

Dream's Stall
Abby's stall

Tori's stall
hole Dream would stick her head through

Them waiting to come in. They hated not being able to come in while the stall was worked on. LOL

See who is first?? This is EVERY DAY!!! She is Boss. and they know it.
My new favorite picture of Tori. She hear me say her name and looked at me. She's even talking to me whenever I go outside and say hello! PROGRESS!!!!
Tori's stall

So is this enough horse pictures yet?? I know I get a lot of requests (Susan, Mikey) for horse pictures. So here are some. Sorry I will try to take more its been busy here and we have 2 more pastures to fence off as you can see they ate the one they are in and is why they are getting hay right now. That should be done soon on at least 1 area which is grown up really nice and then we will plant the already fenced area with horse pasture grass. Ahhhh the joy of having horses:-)

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