Monday, August 18, 2008

Yarn and my storage in WI.

This is of coarse not ALL of my yarn. I have a dresser full of it also but, HATE going up stairs as it is difficult for me but, we are limited on storage due to living with my in-laws. They are in their travel trailer but, still have most of their belongings in the farm house. I'm hoping to create something better for storage. I have my red heart worsted in the large vaccume things as I don't use that much and just filled 5 bins with other yarns in catagories of wool, acrylic, novilty, and Cotton. I also have a bin for roving. SOOO as you can see I'm full. Hubby brought my stash from Az to WI and they just got back on Friday so we had to buy bins and stuff like that.
This is doubled as there are bins behind those. Also my looms are UNDER the alpaca. The bin behind the blaket of alpaca is cotton.
Acrylic with novelty as this I did BEFORE we bought more bins and is what I got from Smily's yarns. Some was from what I had before plus shopping at Hobby Lobby!!
Here are the back bins

Gotta love smilies! LOL~~ This is really a pretty blue color.

I'll use this with another yarn for a purse! Its a #1 weight. Christmas present yarn. Got it on sale of $2 each skein online. Its all thick and quick.

Most is from smilies yarns. Thick and Quick is not however. Can't show most things due to it being all for christmas!! I have A LOT of looming to do. Have 3 projects going right now but, having trouble and need some help. Will post to yahoo groups for help.

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