Sunday, October 12, 2008

first time dying!

Polypay yarn that I dyed up at my class yesterday. This was spun up by a friend as I wasn't sure if Nate would have time. All yarn here is dyed by me and is Polypay.
This was an experiment and only had 10 minutes left to dye. I mixed up the dye but, it should have had more. I may re-dye it when I buy dyes as I wanted it BOLD colors. It is still pretty tho. I is also not dry fully yet and is why its still on the clothesline. Yes its inside as WI is showing its true cold rainy colors.
TEAL, awww my favorite color along with turquoise. Still drying in 1 spot.
All dry and LOVE how the colors are super dark and then light. This was my FIRST one and LOVE it!!!
this is my second. I used the water of the blue one as it still had some dye left and mixed up another batch and added red and well this is what I got!! I LOVE this one also. The blue is a bit darker then what it is pictured but, still looks great.

here is a picture of what is left drying. 3 rovings and 1 yarn. Will take more pictures once it is fully dried.
So whatcha all think?? I WILL be buying dyes and doing this more often!! I have white Llama that is calling my name and also will be taking a class in the summer from the same lady. So I'm excited about this!! So this was a lot of fun.


Jennifer said...

heres me.. drooling over that blue!

Anonymous said...

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