Friday, October 17, 2008

Spinolutions Mach 1 Spinning wheel

We are New Distributors of the awsome Spinolution's Mach 1 Spinning Wheel!!! This wheel is built very sturdy and spins like a dream. Great for new spinners and advanced spinners. So perfect for everyone!!! I will post more information later. So here are pictures of it and so enjoy!

Back of the wheel has its name on it. Front of the wheel. Look how HUGE the bobbin is! And it has NO orphas so this wheel is perfect for yarns of lace weight all the way to super bulky and also your art yarns!!!
The nobs close to the bottom are breaks!!
Look at the size of the bobbin!! Later I'll take a pick of this bobbin with compaired to an Ashford bobbin. You'll laugh your butt off. We did! LOL
Nate opening the box. It was like Christmas for him!
Nate is spinning one of Jen's Shetland rovings that I bought from her. Will input her info. for others to buy from her etsy shop.
This is almost 3/4 of a 4 oz roving and look at how little it looks! These bobbins can hold A LOT of yummy yarn!!

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Christine D said...

Can you post a photo of the mach 1 without the bobbin attached? Does it have a flyer shaft?