Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm spinning!!

This is my FIRST full bobbin and its brown sheep wool. Very nice to spin. I have very little over spin in this and proud of it. THEN I got a wild hair and decided to try spinning Merino, a fiber my hubby has trouble spinning on the wheel we have right now and cusses it out. Well, needless to say I CAN spin it!! LMAO~~ He has been harrased about this already and I think its funny. Now when we get our new wheel which, I will post about it once it arrives and more exciting new on it. I'm sure he will be able to spin Merino once he gets that wheel, if not then I guess I get to spin it all:-) Anyhow this is merino and its color is called beach glass. Its from one of my favorite Etsy shops Copperpot. LOVE their stuff and have 2 more merino's to spin up and 1 other kind of fiber of theirs to spin.

I have been so busy knitting for Christmas gifts that I haven't had time to spin more but, do plan to very soon!!!

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