Saturday, November 15, 2008

More pics of the horses

Nothis was not a set up and they are not playing. They are sleeping! LMAO~~ Yep our cats are brothers and very close. LOL~~ Hubby took these pictures.

my FAVORITE picture of TORI that I have gotten so far. I'm calling it my perfect picture. I have one of Dream also. So far hubby is not sure what one of Abby he likes best so far of us having her. LOL~~ Tori has her wintefr and is very fuzzy. She loves mommy also and comes right to the fence when Im outside. AllI have to say is where are my babies and they come running. LOL~~Tori is showing her true self more and more.

Abby and Dream don't havethei winter coat of fur in so we bought blankets for them. Tori has one also but, won't have to blanket her until it gets down into the teens. However its to cold (30's and below) here and dream and Abby do need the blankets. Abby's is blue but, Dream's is realy Purple. Tori's is Red. This is a perfect shot of the together showing off the blankets!!

See they are coming! LOL~~ Tori beat them by a mile. LOL

Hope you enjoyed!

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