Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First snow

Well here is the SNOW. It had flurried some for a couple of days but, nothing much to take pictures of. Well today it came down and is actually staying on the ground. We let the horses out and Dream and Abby have NEVER been in snow before so I decided to take pictures of this event. When it first started coming down they ran around like mad but, have calmed down now. I'm sure Tori told them all about it as she has lived in MN for her life before we got her.

Abby Rose running up to me when I was talking to her.

Dream and Tori looking at me like "Why are we out here?" LOL~~ Poor girls. the barn door IS open if they wanted to go inside.

First pic I took and they knew I was outside. All 3 girls respond to me very well and love it when I'm around.

Last pic I took. I was going for Speckles but, Star decided to get into the pic and chase him! LOL~~ Turned into a great pic.

Called Star's name and she barreled after me. LOL

Hope you all enjoyed!!!


Ambitious Blonde said...

Aww, I love your mini horses and doxies are just the cutest! :)

Christina said...

Looks like we both got snow! Robert Lee thought the snow was awesome, he was so excited when he saw it.
Check out my blog, I will post new pictures in the next couple of days.

PaintedPromise said...

cute! of course i haven't forgotten about you! i've been to busy to check blogger every day but i do check in a couple times a week to see what's new...

glad to see the girls looking so well!

Elisa said...

It´s the first time i visit your blog. I love your mini horses and your dogs.manta de retalhos