Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving/Christmas pictures

ok my side of the family celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving all on the same day! Why? Because my parents are leaving for warm weather and going to Az so they wouldn't be here for Christmas. So here is some pictures!
Armchair Caddy for my father loom knitted with Lion Brand wool-ease Thick and Quick. Pattern designed by Bethany Dailey.

I made this for my sister, Rachel, and its Lion Brand Yarn's pattern called Bee-Bopper Purse. It was loom knitted with thick and quick also.

Samantha with our dog Star.

Jared with the Fish Pillow I loom knitted him and its out of the 1st book Isela Phillips wrote and is deigned by her. He Loved the pillow! Jared is also 5 months old now.

He was really whipping it around! LOL

Sammy tired from no nap holding the pillow for me so I could get a close up. Kinda think she wanted one also:-)

Jared with My Aunt Sue

My dad helping Sammy open a gift

My dad holding the Box Purse that I made for Sammy and needed a close up.

Sammy scored a pink camo sleeping bag!

group shot of the girls

Aspen Baguette purse I made for my mom.

My mom opening the gift!! She was very surprised and impressed.

dad opening the armchair caddy I made him.

Sammy opening the box purse

Sammy broke open a pinata that was part of my parents retirement party. They thought it would be a fun surprise and she had a blast.

Jared is going to try Green Beans for the first time!

Goes in and stays in!! He likes them!!!

all dressed up for the holiday with a turkey bib

Sammy having Uncle Nate time.

Speckles wanted on my lap really bad and well he jumped up and fell asleep on me. He gets frustrated with all the looming and him not getting the attention he normally gets. So he thought I would quit looming if he put his head through the loom part and hat in process and he fell asleep! LOL~~ I didn't stop just turned the loom slow and he still slept but, got frustrated once I was taking pics from the flash but, he stayed there for a long time head in the loom sleeping. LMAO

Hope you all enjoyed these photo's!! Have to go take our Christmas Card photo of the girls since we got snow last night!!

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Ambitious Blonde said...

You're in Wisconsin too, aren't you? I'll say we got snow-I think I went 35 miles per hour tops all the way home from work. Makes for a looooong drive home after working 3rd shift.

Speckles is adorable. My mom's doxie Lilly has the same markings. :)