Friday, February 6, 2009

The Bee Travel Spinning Wheel is Coming!! March 2009

The Bee Travel Wheel

Specifications of the Bee:

Weight : 13 lbs.

Open Folded

Height: 30 inches 12 inches

Width: 19 inches 19 inches

Depth: 13 inches 9 inches

Wheel Size: 2-9 inch diameter 2 - 9 inch diameter

1.5 in thick 1.5 in thick

Number of Speeds: 7

Ratio: 1:5 to 1:36 (Approximately)

Material: Furniture grade Birch Plywood

Bee Travel Wheel (Finished): $645.00 (Includes 3 bobbin)
Extra Bobbins: $30.00 ea

The Bee has many improvements over current Spinning wheels available on the market. Some of the standard upgrades include:* Open Orifice – allows thread of any size to be spun.

* Easy bobbin removal – no more hassles to change bobbins.

* 7 Ratio Speed Spindle – work at your speed.

* Multiple Bearings - for smooth and efficient operation.

* Heel rests – keeps the wheel in front of you, not across the room.

* Multiple rubber feet - for ultimate stability.

* Heavy duty construction – for years of dependable use.

* American made – what else can we say.

The Side View of the Bee closed and ready to go anywhere!

The Bobbin Release, smoother and easier yet! Simple squeezthe flyer arms, and pull the front off. To reassemble, just push it back on...

At the top on the right hand side you can view 3 video's on The Bee along with The Mach 1 and Drop Spindal

Please contact me if you want more information or want to pre-order this wheel! The Wheel is due to be released March 2009!!!

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Martina said...

I hope i can see it at Holiday in Oktober at Michigan.
It looks very nice.

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