Thursday, February 26, 2009

More dyed roving!

I dyed this the other day in my trusty crockpot. I couldn't get it photo'd quite right. Its inbetween these two pictures for color. You get the idea tho. LOL~~ I have gotten quite good at getting 1 bold color and yet letting other colors come into it also. I'm proud of myself! I actually was showing a shop owner some of my dyed works and she is interested in my bold works of art:-) So gives me more of an excuse to buy roving and more dye colors!! LOL~~ So we will see. I have to make a label for them and come up with names. Not sure on the name this one will be yet. Still thinking. LOL


Ambitious Blonde said...

The top batch looks like jellybeans to me. The bottom one reminds me of the Gryffindor house colors. Feel free to use either if you so desire. :)

Lisascraftroom said...

thanks for the name suggestions! they are very good ones and may just use them. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is my first look at the yarn you and Nate do. It is so beautiful, beyond describing. I would like some of every color, but will have to buy a little at a time. lol Could you,if you have one, send me a price list? I was so amazed, and so was Papa Don. I love every color. Do you have pictures of all the colors? This was really exciting to look at all the different. I love the names, too. Love, grannyj