Thursday, February 12, 2009

More newly dyed rovings!

This is all Corridale roving that I dyed! I am very impressed with the crockpot dyed one which is thee purplr one with all different colors and it really turned out neat! When I first pulled it out and it wasn't dry I wasn't happy with it but, when it dryed and I could see how the different colors did actually take I was super pleased. Its also why there is more pics of it so you all can see also. I've had offers on this one from some that wanted to buy it but, I don't sell my rovings. Yet! LOL~~ So here is "Purple Magic"

This was my first time oven dyeing. Didn't turn out how I wanted. For some reason the green washed out fully:-( However when posting this onto one of my groups they said it looks like Superman! LOL~~ So here is "Superman"

I'm really enjoying dying my own roving and can't seem to spin fast enough! I am going to get the new Travel Wheel called "The Bee" and can't wait! I know she will help me spin this lovely roving very well.

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