Wednesday, December 10, 2008

this pic is either Dream biting Tori or kissing. LOL~~ I was giving treats and attention and Dream tends to not want Abby and Tori to get more of anything. Its a cute sister pic.

Tori styling in her red jacket. Its a cute pic.

Abby Rose

It was really snowing this day and wanted to get some neat pics. I got them! As you can see the girls are covered in flakes and not sure what to think about this hole winter thing.

Awww look at the sisters!

We already made up the Christmas card before this storm and if we didn't it would have been this picture. Oh well, the one we picked out is a good one also:-)

Its kinda freeky pic but, to cute not to post. As you can see she loves mommy and hands. We play hand games and she's also got the treat thing down except carrots. We have to break them into smaller peices but at least she likes them.

Here is our Christmas Card Pic.

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