Sunday, December 28, 2008


Dad Anderson's Arm Chair Caddy

Katie's Fingerless Gloves.

Rachel's Fingerless Gloves
This is Rachel and she LOVES her fingerless gloves!

Nate napping with Speckles our mini doxie. Isn't it so cute?? LOL
Mom Anderson with dad's arm chair caddy looking at it more and showing Marlis.
Showing dad better. He is very worn out by the radiation treatments. Mom is wearing her Wrap, fold, and tie vest I made her. She can wear it 3 different ways!
Katie. She is shy so this is the only pic we got of her.
Matt liking his ear warmer I made him.
Mom first putting her gift on.
Opening it up.
Jeanne looking at her Carmileta purse.
Carmileta Purse (Jeanne's)
Debra with her Bee Bopper Bag. Sorry for the goofy pic. Got her in mid sentence.
Dad and mom looking at Sheila's Carmileta purse.
Sheila opened to find the Carmileta Purse.
Carmileta Purse ( Sheila's)

Bee Bopper purse ( Debra's )

Hope you liked seeing all the gifts I made and our family!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, from cold and snowy Flagstaff, do you have the pattern for the Wrap? It's just what I've been looking for, all of your gifts are just beautiful. alice

Lisascraftroom said...

Yes I do have a pattern for it. Actually it was in one of the issues of the Loom Knitting magazine that is put out by Isela. If you e-mail me I can send you a copy of the pattern if you haven't been getting the issues online.

Ambitious Blonde said...

What great presents you made. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. :)