Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dyeing roving!!!

First is this beautiful roving I got from my secret santa on a group from ravelry. Thanks Lindsey!!! Ok, I was taught how to crockpot dye from 2 friends on ravelry and so here is some of my experience this week! This is Targhee pin draft roving from Frene Creak Farms in WI which is AWSOME and my new one stop shop. LOL~~ Anyhow this one was unexpected but, turned out kinda mysterious. I did turkey red, shamrock, and sea Breeze. Now the green took over the pot and you can see a tinge of the red and of coarse can see the green but, not the blue:-( Nate still likes this one so it won't be overdyed.

Here is the same Targhee roving and is dyed turkey red and raspberry shorbert and I LOVE this one!!

Here are the two together.

close up shot of the mystery roving. LOL

Its drying

My first crockpot experience and it was GREAT!! This roving is corridale and is from Frene Creak Farms also:-) Let see, it was dyed with turkey red, sea breeze, deep orchard, and teal. It turned out so good and I will be spinning it as soon as I can grab the Mach 1 spinning wheel from Hubby. LOL

Close ups


Hope you enjoy the pictures of this!! It was a lot of fun and thanks to my rav friends!!!!


Robin McCoy said...

Cool! I can't even afford to buy roving, let alone dye it myself. But your roving turned out really nice. Even the 'mystery' colors. :D

Mikey said...

email me at and I'll send you my address. I think I have an old email, cause I emailed it a few days ago.