Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter snow storm 12-20-08

Here is pictures from our storm yesterday. Now it was not done when I took these. We got about 6 to 7 inches in all. LOTS of SNOW!! It is supposed to snow again this week. Sun is out today but, the windchill is wicked so I'm inside knitting and fire going!

Here is Star and Speckles playing in the snow. These were right before they went inside. I got them hyper so I could get them playing! LOL~~ Otherwise Speckles wanted to go inside right away.

Star ready to pounce on Speckles! LOL

This was at the very very end. He was telling me it was time t warm up. His poor body was almost covered in the snow. LOL
Running for the door.
following me in the deepest area. LOL~~ He found out fast that foot prints were great!

digging in the snow.
running to go inside. LOL
running to me when called back out into the snow. Nate calls this one Flying Doggy as his ears are just a flapping. LOL

Star posing so pretty.

Speckles looking around
Speckles jumping around
Speckles says he's DONE with the snow.
look at how high the snow was on me! You can see it on the pants leg that is pulled down on my winter boots.

van covered in snow and Nate just the night before took it to the car wash! LOL~~
my foot while walking in the snow

Abby Rose teaching Dream a lesson on hogging attention. LOL
Abby Rose is smart and shook the snow off her!
Tori's face up close on how covered in snow she is.

Dream covered in snow.
Tori and Abby Rose
All 3 girls together as I walk down the hill to them.
Dream looking at all this and not quite sure what to think about it.
Hope you enjoyed ou snow storm!

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Ambitious Blonde said...

My mom's little sausages almost got lost in all the snow we got here! :)

Also, those are just the cutest little horses I've ever seen.