Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My first post

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I will post thoughts and of coarse my crafts. I have finished many hats in the past and scarfs. THe thing is they are on the other computer so I'm going to have hubby put pics on a jump drive so I can work and post them on the page through the laptop. I do many different crafts. I make my own cards with rubber stamps, I make my own soap which is so much fun!!, I make bath salts, and bath and body things, I scrapbook, Stamp on glass, make coasters, make memory boards, stamp on cookies, make light switch plates, make ornaments oh and of coarse I LOOM!!!! So as you see I dabble into lots of things. I'm also running a business out of the house with my husband and it has been wonderful!!! If you like all natural products from awsome vitamins which I can vouch for 100% as they are the only ones that have helped me and I've had chronic illnesses since I was 8 yrs. old. We also carry bath and body products. The shampoo and conditioner are to die for! I love the lip balm and toothpaste also. Humm, I think I love it all! LOL~~ For vitamins I take Vital PSP+, Tunguska Blast, Vital Calmeg. My husband takes a couple others but, is on Vital PSP+ and Tunguska Blast along with me. It won't cure anything but, it does help heal your body!. I used to have huge problems sleeping and now I sleep so well its Wonderful!! I don't worry about the small things anymore and not stressed out. My aches and pains and some other things are better and I can't beat that!! I'm dealing with nerve problems right now from my spine but, with the help of herbs and my pain specialist as he's burning the nerves so I won't have so much pain. It is all helping thankfully!! Anyhow hope you all like my site as I list it and I will promise to post as much as possible and show you what all I've done!!


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