Thursday, December 13, 2007

Smilies Yarn Came!!

Here is the Yarn that came and close-up shots of what I got. Now I can really play!!!! Most are stacked 2 high. I would have ordered more but, first time with the company so I wanted to test it first. I will be ordering again in 2008!!! I really like the feel of what I ordered and will have fun playing with it all and testing the ribbon yarn as I've never played with it before but, have a couple patterns that calls for it so it will be nice to make them!


Skye said...

Just wondering where you ordered your yarn from... Thanks Skye

Lisascraftroom said...

I got the yarn from

That is at least the new yarn from the box. Otherwise I got it from ebay, yard sales, walmart, and so forth but, WILL be ordering from Smileys again and would recommend them fully. Great yarn, Great price, Fast shipping. Yes you have to spend at least $40 but, its locked shipping at $12 something.