Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is my birthday Loom that I got from my money and I LOVE it!!! I will be using it soon. Figured I would have by now but, been so busy trying to get all christmas projects done and I'm still not! I also have a large project for my neice to do yet but, will be using my new loom for that!

Here is the yarn I got from Walmart tonight. No sales but, had a $25 gift card to spend. The 3 skiens each are going to be 2 purses for ME. Now to chose which patterns I want! LOL~~ the ribbon yarn I got in clearence bin for $2 each! So I'll do the woven shaul for me in that and maybe a friend of mine that is just like a mother to me.

This is a black and white muff I did for the other neice! I think it turned out well and hoping she will like it.

This is a mini scarflette for my nephew that is 11 yrs. old but, tall! I think the matching set will be great! They LOVE my handmade items. Say its more special because they have most of what they want boughten. Well off parents.

The blue set is for our 18 yr. old nephew that REQUESTED a hat at least for Christmas so I one upped that with adding the scarflette also. He's going to college in Massachusets and it is cold there!

The pink hat will also have a scarflette with it for my 8 yr. old neighbor girl and she LOVES pink. I think it looks great!

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Crochetoholic Debb said...

So how is the loom? It look sgreat. I have round ones and have not used them yet??? Was wondering how they work