Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Invention!!

I was looking at a pattern for knitting by hand and it was from lion brand. My 13 yr. old niece is into the vintage era and I thought the muff would be great for her. So I sat down and grabbed my fun fur and a soft purple yarn. I did this on the kk blue round loom. I did 4 stitches and then pulled it up like you do for a brim of a hat so it would have a nice beginning. Then I stitched them off and continued for 10 more rows. I tied off and went with the purple yarn for 20 rows of e-wrap the entire time. You can of coarse use other stitches. Then I started back with the fun fur and knitted 12 rows and then BO normally. I then took my crochet needle and did 2 rounds with that. Then hid all loose ends and you have a great warm muff for both hands.I know she is going to love it and hope some of you will like this and try it also!



Robin said...

Oh, Lisa!!! That muff is so cute. I was thinking of 'white' when you said muff, b/c that is just what pops in my head. I guess I have always wanted a white furry one and a big whit furry hat, so that is why. When I saw the POP of color I was a little taken back, but it looks wonderful! She should really enjoy that! And it seemed so simple. Now, are you saying that on the beginning end, you made a like 'cuff brim' and then you finished with crochet? Or did I just misread it?

lakotakat said...

You are just sooooo CREATIVE and GIFTED!! That muff is just wonderous! Has almost inspired me
to get going and try to make one of my own -- but just DON'T have the time now!! Got a baby shower coming up on Jan 12th for my fav niece (she even calls herself my clone!)... I gotta get going on making the cake, etc. Sigh! BUT I will have some time after, I hope!