Thursday, December 13, 2007

What I have been working on lately. I have LOTS to go yet and so little time! LOL~~ First is a loomed hotmit. It went fast and was easy. I plan to do more of these but, some different stiches. I want to do some dish cloths also to go with this. Its for one of my sister-in-laws.

The next is a scarf for our 13 yr. old niece. I LOVE this yarn!! It has a great feel and there is lots. I got it on sale at JoAnns. It actually went fairly fast. I'm making another one that is red for another nieve who is 12? Can't keep track of their ages sometimes. I figure they can trade or borrow eachothers scarfs when they want. I'm also adding scrunchies for them to share. Now those were super easy and it is great for me to do when I don't have to think much. LOL

And here is my yarn room area. There is more yarn coming which will fill the rest of the shelf. I'll take a picture of that also when it comes and is organized. My loving husband has bee great for helping me with putting the shelving up and he bought me the organizer with little containers. He is so wonderful to me!!

I'll have to figure out why the pictures are going all at the top. Hummm, frustrating! And here is my looms. Not all are up there as I have projects on them! LOL

If anyone can help me with this picture thing that would be great!! I even click where I want the pictures before adding them so not sure why they all go uptop. I'll post more soon as while typing this my Smilies yarn came!! LOL~ Great timing hey!


Christy said...

The pictures automatically are inputed at the top of the entry. To move them, you have to grab them and move them where you want them. It is a drag and drop type of thing.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Congratulations on your creativity: blog, weaving, yarns, and information. Love the pictures of the Christmas hats and you little friends.