Friday, January 11, 2008


The UPS man came again today with treasures! He is probably sick of us right now! LOL~~ We own our own company of natural health and wellness products so he delivers things to us all the time. Well lately it has been Yarn and stuff we have ordered. Well it so happened that last week a member of a loom group was selling DAlooms!! I quickly looked at what she had and very quickly e-mailed her with the 4 looms I wanted Hoping I was the first!LOL~~ Hubby was even trying to talk to me and I gave him the hand and told him hush until I got it all done! LOL~~ So I happened to be the first and got EFG loom that is the oval one, and 3 fine gauge sock looms in Extra large adult (hubby has big feet), the adult loom and the youth loom! She sent me a pick with it and also the instructions that she recieved when she ordered them!! So now I can make socks and the Gloves I've been wanting to do and ordered before the loom was even found! LOL~~ So guess what else I'll be playing with?! So Send me your sock patterns! LOL~~ I called hubby who has my cell phone to ask him to pick up more pegs for my pegboard that I have in my craft room since I ran out and needed more to put my new looms on there! LOL~~ So he is going to get them for me. I love to try and stay organised as much as possible, Still have to work a bit ont he craft room as the floor is a mess! Hubby needs to add stuff to my shelves so I can display things better as I do many different crafts. I'll try to find pics of other crafts I do and post some on here sometime. I'm so excited!! Anyhow had to share. Told hubby now I have to get sock yarn! LOL~~ He said nope but, not sure if I can use Peaches and cream for socks or not? Humm guess I'll have to ask!


crochetoholic Debb said...

How do you like working on looms? I have just purchased, well awhile ago actually, but anyways I have the rounds ones and have not used them yet? Where do you find patterns for them?

Lisascraftroom said...

I LOVE looming. You can find patterns everywhere. , in my favorite looming blogs there are lots of people that design patterns and post them for free and for sale. You can also join Yahoo groups and get lots of tips and pointers there. Feel free to e-mail any time for help!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you got your pick...that looks like one that would work very well.