Friday, January 18, 2008

More projects I've done in the past

Here is a mix of some cards I've done but, still haven't been able to find a lot of them! Grrr. anyhow at least I found some.
The 2 girls are friends of ours daughters. These were hats I made them 2 yrs. ago for Christmas. They loved them and still wear them today!

This is our cats Spirit(white and orange) and Deablo (gray and white) Spirit is my cat and the other it totally my hubby's! He likes me but, if hubby is around he is with him! Mine is always cuddling on me and LOVES kisses. He pushes his head to my lips when he wants kisses and does some other cute stuff when he wants kisses. He also gives kisses. I lost my cat Sneakers this year and actually 2 days before we got back from WI. I still miss him dearly as he was only 8. Black Widow killed him. Hubby went and took me to look for another cat because I cried a lot for 1 weeks and kept having dreams and that. Spirit has helped fill the void. It is so strange how much he does that reminds me of My Sneakers! Hence why he got the name Spirit plus, we found the black widow the night we brought the kittens home. Told hubby to wash the cats bed that Sneakers didn't use much but, figured it should be cleaned. I was very pushy about it. Hubby finally caved and when he picked it up there was the black widow! We killed it and I cried. We hadn't know what took my sneakers away from me until then. It was almost like a sign and that Sneakers was telling me what happened. I know some may find that odd but, it is true.

This is Speckles (mini Doxie male) Star Aussie female and deablo who loves the dogs. Hubby thought it was cute that Speckles and Deablo slept curled up the same and right next to mommy which is Star as she takes that roll very well. Wish we wouldn't have fixed her as she would have been a great mother.


~Robin~ said...

Geez, Lisa! You sure are crafty!!! I love your cards, but don't think that is really up my alley. I tried scrapbooking a while back and basically wasted about $70 on it. I figure the same would happen with card making. But that soap that I could do! Any tips from a pro?

up all night loom knitting said...

Lisa you have some really nice projects on your blog. I really like your soaps! My sister made handmade soap for awhile but I think she got tired of it or maybe she just had enoughh on hand. She even one a contest for an original soap pattern and package design. It was very nice to stop by and visit with you on your blog. I look forward to seeing how my dishcloth turns out when you have the time. I am patient.

~Robin~ said...

Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful comment that you left me on the DA group when I announced my loom purchase. It was really sweet and made my day! I hope to come up with thing that will blow your mind! LOL!