Thursday, January 10, 2008

Part 2

The yarn is stacked 2 deep and then goes up as you can see. I had to push down the purple yarn just so you can see that there is ribbon yarn behind it! LOL~~ I LOVE the yarn and the feel of it all. Now to find the perfect projects for each of the yarn kinds:-)

M My Husbands Hat. It is Black and DARK green. He picked them out. I plan to make a mini scarflette also for him to match. He hardly ever takes it off as he LOVES it! So had to take the picture with it on him.

As you can see I have very little room left for more yarn! LOL!! I'll just have to get looming to make room! I can't wait to PLAY!!!


Little Old Liz said...

OM Stars my Hubster would flat out have a stroke if I had a stash the likes of yours! Way to go, and darned cute pic of your hat wearing hubby :-)

~Robin~ said...

Man! I wish I stash like yours, Lisa!!!!! :D