Friday, January 4, 2008

How do you read this????

I have no clue how to read this but, really need to figure out what the gadge is so I can figure out how many pegs I need to use on my small gadge AJAL loom. Its for a purse. It looks like its an 11 but, not sure. Sorry about a couple of the pictures. I tried to get in super close to see if it woould show up inside of the circle. Any help with this would be WONDERFUL!! Please HELP!!!


Anonymous said...


The holes that are numbered are for knitting needle sizes.

Gauge - number of stitches to an inch

and number of rows to an inch

I hope this helps.


LindaZed said...

As Ruth mentioned, the numbered holes are for identifying the diameter of unmarked knitting needles. To use this unusual knitting gauge, put the first stitch you are counting at the zero mark, then move the slider to the right of the tenth stitch, and the numbered markings will show you the number of stitches per inch.

"Count 10 Plus is a handy tool that will determine your gauge quickly and easily. Count out 10 stitches on your gauge swatch and place the 0 line of the Count 10 Plus at the first stitch. Now slide the Stitches per inch marker to the outside of the 10th stitch and read your gauge!"

Most other gauges have you measure the number of stitches and rows in a four-inch square and divide by four to get average stitches per inch. This one does the calculation for you. You seem to have the purl side of your work showing. Gauge is usually measured on the knit side of stockinette work (the side with the Vs not the bars), but if you are knitting a garment in a patterned stitch, then use that pattern for measuring gauge, too.