Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Well I figured I'd let ya all know what has been going on here. I'm super busy trying to get my soon to be 3 yr. old niece Samantha's b-day gift done. Its a 5 piece project and one of the biggest I've done so far! I'm proud of how it is coming together but, its a fussy project. Nothing like hats or scarfs and so forth. I'm doing the Baby in a Basket project. I'm on part 3 right now so hopefully the last stuff will go fast. I feel the basket part might take a couple days. Hopefully it'll get to her by the 15th!!! Anyhow not to much else going on. I have a purse pattern trying to be converted into loom and I have a dishcloth to test on loom for a super nice lady that is giving me a chance to do this for her! I'm excited to do it and see how it comes out and see how she likes it also. Can't post the how to's as it is not a pattern created by me and I know she plans to sell this wonderful cloth pattern!! You'll all want it! LOL~
So anyhow better get looming if I want a certain soon to be 3 yr. old happy!


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