Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby items done!

Our friends baby was born early but, healthy. Lucky for me I started things early! The blanket was a pattern from the Loom Crafts book where you can get at Walmart and so forth. It was pretty easy to do but, looks nice. I used Angel Hair Stripes from Sensations at Jo Anns. And the sensations Beautiful or something like that from Jo Anns also for the head of the bear and the trim. This is VERY soft.

Booties are done with Bethany's bootie pattern which is WONDERFUL. I did the no scratch mits from I believe Bev's site. Also did a quick normal hat. E-wrap for the brim and flat knit stitch for the rest and on the blue KK loom. I made the pom pom with knit wits loom help! LOL~~

Here is the beginning of a bag that we are doing on Ravelry LAL and its one of Isela's patterns. It has been one that I've wanted to do and bought during her sale before she chose it for a class. I chose a bulky yarn but, it didn't have the yardage needed so I had to buy 8 skeins just to make sure I had enough. The yarn is a nice wool but, learned not to pull hard as it WILL break! LOL~~ Yep pulled hard and it broke. Lucky it was long enough so I tied it and kept going. LOL~~ Will post before I felt it and after its felted which may be when we get to WI. Good excuse to bring more yarn with hey! LOL

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