Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Baby Girl Abby is Pregnant!!

This is Trooper who is a wonderful donkey. He is also the father to Abby's baby she is carrying!! This baby will be the last of Troopers line as Susan his owner fixed him on Saturday. Sad but, a happy result. He has another baby coming in a month or so from another mare. This is the Mother to be Abby Rose. THis baby will be her first! It will be a mini mule.
So how did we find out? My hubby and I have noticed she was putting on weight. So when talking to Susan, a friend and who we adopted our girls from 2 yrs. ago just announced 2 of her girls were pregnant but, due in a month or two! Anyhow she called one of her friends and pet communicater Bonnie and she read what Susan's girls were having and if they were pregnant. SO I told hubby and he said lets do it. So with a phone call I spoke with Bonnie (very nice lady) and she talked to Abby after I gave her Abby's coloration and age. The result was: Abby says she IS PREGNANT and that it is a GIRL!! sHE JUST STARTED TO DO READINGS ON COLOR OF BABY AND SHE SAID ITS GOING TO BE GRAY!! This is wonderful!! We are all excited. During the communication my Dream girl was there and I was petting her and then Abby came up to me with this odd look on her face and ears back a bit like she was listening to something and it was really neat to see. So Our oldest baby girl is going to have a baby this fall! I will keep everyone updated during this exciting time. It will be our first foal for me and its very exciting. I know some are not sure about all this but, many people we know have done this and the results are correct. Susan has used her a lot with different mares and things and they have been right on! So I'm not a disbeliever at all. She is wonderful and I can't wait to use her again for more readings other then Pregnancy testing!!

So let the fun come and follow oour Abby Girls journey with us!

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