Thursday, April 10, 2008

Painful day but, hubby tried to help:-)

I had another injection today. Only 2 more to go this month:-(....
However hubby was nice enough to take me to several places. One was to hunt down my favorite Knitting meeting called Simply Knitting which is a UK magazine and hard to find at times. I love one of the designers in there and HAVE to have this magazine and will subscibe this fall to it. Anyhow first we went to Borders where I found the magazine. Then we went to Big Lots and here is the following that I got there. There was other fun fur but, it was colors I already had plenty of so why buy more! LOL~~ I LOVE paton's yarns and found some I didn't have the colorways of......

Here is Michael's Clearence area and I got this cotton for .25!!!!

Here is Jo Anns. 3 of the purse handles I bought with Stephanie when we were shopping. I got the right hand ones today at the clearence isle!!! Gotta LOVE clearence Isles!!
This WILL be my bag that is Isela's pattern and its one of her classes. I finally found the bulky wool yarn and it was on sale 2 for $6. Only problem was there was less yards so I had to buy more then pattern said and decided to do 8 just to make sure! LOL
$2 a skein on the extra large skeins so I picked up some.

So that was my day and now I'm home in pain from walking to much but, guess that is life. I will be on the heatpad all night and popping pills. Unfortunatly this is my life and has been for awhile. Darn spine! Injections are not fun but, we are hoping it will get me to be pain free for awhile soon. We still have a long road ahead and its been 2.5 yrs already!

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The Sick Chick said...

I can get you Simply Kntting any time you want, or any of the UK magazines. (Actually I can't do issues coming out in June or July as I will be in the US then). Just let me know,I'd be happy to send it to you! :)