Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished Booties!

Well I'm proud to say these are done with NO goof ups!!! I wasn't sure if I should use the yarn I did as I wanted it for the gift set but, figured I would just do it anyhow as I'm running out of time! I did have to frog a little on the first one but, the second went smooth! Thanks for everyone for helping me and Bethany for such a wonderful pattern! This set is for our friends baby boy that is do May 15th. I have several other items that I'm making for them also. The blanket only needs mattress stitch and that will be done. So this week and weekend I should be posting more. I will be doing these booties again for my sisters baby who is due June 16th. Anyhow here they are! I'm very proud of them.


Steph said...


The booties look great and the bottoms are perfect. I recognize those buttons. Too cute!


Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...
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Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

Beautiful little booties!!! You did smashingly!! :D