Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our horses

As you can see our girls are having fun eating one of their favorite treats WATERMELLON!!! They LOVE it and have lots of fun trying to get more then the other one. Dream is usually the boss but, they both do get their fair share.

I thought this to was funny and cute to not get a picture of. LOL~~ It looks like Abby has Lipstick On! LOL~~ Lovely pinkish red lips hey! She proudly shows her love of watermellon.

Dream making sure there is nothing left! They do NOT waste. She doesn't show the pink lips very well but, trust me she has them! Also wish I would have gotten the camera out while she was eating the red part and the liquid dripping out of her mouth. She is so funny when she eats watermellon. It was a nice 70 degree weather day!

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