Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is my birthday Loom that I got from my money and I LOVE it!!! I will be using it soon. Figured I would have by now but, been so busy trying to get all christmas projects done and I'm still not! I also have a large project for my neice to do yet but, will be using my new loom for that!

Here is the yarn I got from Walmart tonight. No sales but, had a $25 gift card to spend. The 3 skiens each are going to be 2 purses for ME. Now to chose which patterns I want! LOL~~ the ribbon yarn I got in clearence bin for $2 each! So I'll do the woven shaul for me in that and maybe a friend of mine that is just like a mother to me.

This is a black and white muff I did for the other neice! I think it turned out well and hoping she will like it.

This is a mini scarflette for my nephew that is 11 yrs. old but, tall! I think the matching set will be great! They LOVE my handmade items. Say its more special because they have most of what they want boughten. Well off parents.

The blue set is for our 18 yr. old nephew that REQUESTED a hat at least for Christmas so I one upped that with adding the scarflette also. He's going to college in Massachusets and it is cold there!

The pink hat will also have a scarflette with it for my 8 yr. old neighbor girl and she LOVES pink. I think it looks great!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some Christmas photo's to share

Dream is a Shetland Pony and is the black one. Moses is a mule and is 1 month or so old. Mommy is right by her saying what is that on your head? LOL~~~ Then it is Abby girl who is a mini horse. I made these hats myself from the hat pattern that was shared and I motified it with putting two ear holes and it worked!! I love them and think they look very cute.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Invention!!

I was looking at a pattern for knitting by hand and it was from lion brand. My 13 yr. old niece is into the vintage era and I thought the muff would be great for her. So I sat down and grabbed my fun fur and a soft purple yarn. I did this on the kk blue round loom. I did 4 stitches and then pulled it up like you do for a brim of a hat so it would have a nice beginning. Then I stitched them off and continued for 10 more rows. I tied off and went with the purple yarn for 20 rows of e-wrap the entire time. You can of coarse use other stitches. Then I started back with the fun fur and knitted 12 rows and then BO normally. I then took my crochet needle and did 2 rounds with that. Then hid all loose ends and you have a great warm muff for both hands.I know she is going to love it and hope some of you will like this and try it also!


Friday, December 14, 2007

More crafting!

Here are 2 dish cloths I've made but, they have not been washed or dried yet. I like the figure 8 stitch better then the e wrap and flat knit stitch but, that is me right now. I forgot at first about doing the flat stitch in the beginning on the skinnier one but, did end up catching the oops just didn't frog it. Figure it will clean the same! LOL
The other is a tube scarf in red just like the green one in previous post. I'm finally getting my speed back up and ended up doing the scarf in 1 day!! I love the yarn and the color changes.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Smilies Yarn Came!!

Here is the Yarn that came and close-up shots of what I got. Now I can really play!!!! Most are stacked 2 high. I would have ordered more but, first time with the company so I wanted to test it first. I will be ordering again in 2008!!! I really like the feel of what I ordered and will have fun playing with it all and testing the ribbon yarn as I've never played with it before but, have a couple patterns that calls for it so it will be nice to make them!

What I have been working on lately. I have LOTS to go yet and so little time! LOL~~ First is a loomed hotmit. It went fast and was easy. I plan to do more of these but, some different stiches. I want to do some dish cloths also to go with this. Its for one of my sister-in-laws.

The next is a scarf for our 13 yr. old niece. I LOVE this yarn!! It has a great feel and there is lots. I got it on sale at JoAnns. It actually went fairly fast. I'm making another one that is red for another nieve who is 12? Can't keep track of their ages sometimes. I figure they can trade or borrow eachothers scarfs when they want. I'm also adding scrunchies for them to share. Now those were super easy and it is great for me to do when I don't have to think much. LOL

And here is my yarn room area. There is more yarn coming which will fill the rest of the shelf. I'll take a picture of that also when it comes and is organized. My loving husband has bee great for helping me with putting the shelving up and he bought me the organizer with little containers. He is so wonderful to me!!

I'll have to figure out why the pictures are going all at the top. Hummm, frustrating! And here is my looms. Not all are up there as I have projects on them! LOL

If anyone can help me with this picture thing that would be great!! I even click where I want the pictures before adding them so not sure why they all go uptop. I'll post more soon as while typing this my Smilies yarn came!! LOL~ Great timing hey!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My first post

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I will post thoughts and of coarse my crafts. I have finished many hats in the past and scarfs. THe thing is they are on the other computer so I'm going to have hubby put pics on a jump drive so I can work and post them on the page through the laptop. I do many different crafts. I make my own cards with rubber stamps, I make my own soap which is so much fun!!, I make bath salts, and bath and body things, I scrapbook, Stamp on glass, make coasters, make memory boards, stamp on cookies, make light switch plates, make ornaments oh and of coarse I LOOM!!!! So as you see I dabble into lots of things. I'm also running a business out of the house with my husband and it has been wonderful!!! If you like all natural products from awsome vitamins which I can vouch for 100% as they are the only ones that have helped me and I've had chronic illnesses since I was 8 yrs. old. We also carry bath and body products. The shampoo and conditioner are to die for! I love the lip balm and toothpaste also. Humm, I think I love it all! LOL~~ For vitamins I take Vital PSP+, Tunguska Blast, Vital Calmeg. My husband takes a couple others but, is on Vital PSP+ and Tunguska Blast along with me. It won't cure anything but, it does help heal your body!. I used to have huge problems sleeping and now I sleep so well its Wonderful!! I don't worry about the small things anymore and not stressed out. My aches and pains and some other things are better and I can't beat that!! I'm dealing with nerve problems right now from my spine but, with the help of herbs and my pain specialist as he's burning the nerves so I won't have so much pain. It is all helping thankfully!! Anyhow hope you all like my site as I list it and I will promise to post as much as possible and show you what all I've done!!