Friday, January 18, 2008

More projects I've done in the past

Here is a mix of some cards I've done but, still haven't been able to find a lot of them! Grrr. anyhow at least I found some.
The 2 girls are friends of ours daughters. These were hats I made them 2 yrs. ago for Christmas. They loved them and still wear them today!

This is our cats Spirit(white and orange) and Deablo (gray and white) Spirit is my cat and the other it totally my hubby's! He likes me but, if hubby is around he is with him! Mine is always cuddling on me and LOVES kisses. He pushes his head to my lips when he wants kisses and does some other cute stuff when he wants kisses. He also gives kisses. I lost my cat Sneakers this year and actually 2 days before we got back from WI. I still miss him dearly as he was only 8. Black Widow killed him. Hubby went and took me to look for another cat because I cried a lot for 1 weeks and kept having dreams and that. Spirit has helped fill the void. It is so strange how much he does that reminds me of My Sneakers! Hence why he got the name Spirit plus, we found the black widow the night we brought the kittens home. Told hubby to wash the cats bed that Sneakers didn't use much but, figured it should be cleaned. I was very pushy about it. Hubby finally caved and when he picked it up there was the black widow! We killed it and I cried. We hadn't know what took my sneakers away from me until then. It was almost like a sign and that Sneakers was telling me what happened. I know some may find that odd but, it is true.

This is Speckles (mini Doxie male) Star Aussie female and deablo who loves the dogs. Hubby thought it was cute that Speckles and Deablo slept curled up the same and right next to mommy which is Star as she takes that roll very well. Wish we wouldn't have fixed her as she would have been a great mother.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

other crafts I do

Here is some of my soap I've done. Not all are in my photobucket yet and might have lost some pics from computer problems a year ago! I do a lot of different crafts. Hopefully I'll find my memory boards I've done and rubber stamping stuff I've done. Plus my light switch plates! Like I said I dabble a lot! LOL ~~ Anyhow hope you enjoy this!

Friday, January 11, 2008


The UPS man came again today with treasures! He is probably sick of us right now! LOL~~ We own our own company of natural health and wellness products so he delivers things to us all the time. Well lately it has been Yarn and stuff we have ordered. Well it so happened that last week a member of a loom group was selling DAlooms!! I quickly looked at what she had and very quickly e-mailed her with the 4 looms I wanted Hoping I was the first!LOL~~ Hubby was even trying to talk to me and I gave him the hand and told him hush until I got it all done! LOL~~ So I happened to be the first and got EFG loom that is the oval one, and 3 fine gauge sock looms in Extra large adult (hubby has big feet), the adult loom and the youth loom! She sent me a pick with it and also the instructions that she recieved when she ordered them!! So now I can make socks and the Gloves I've been wanting to do and ordered before the loom was even found! LOL~~ So guess what else I'll be playing with?! So Send me your sock patterns! LOL~~ I called hubby who has my cell phone to ask him to pick up more pegs for my pegboard that I have in my craft room since I ran out and needed more to put my new looms on there! LOL~~ So he is going to get them for me. I love to try and stay organised as much as possible, Still have to work a bit ont he craft room as the floor is a mess! Hubby needs to add stuff to my shelves so I can display things better as I do many different crafts. I'll try to find pics of other crafts I do and post some on here sometime. I'm so excited!! Anyhow had to share. Told hubby now I have to get sock yarn! LOL~~ He said nope but, not sure if I can use Peaches and cream for socks or not? Humm guess I'll have to ask!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Part 2

The yarn is stacked 2 deep and then goes up as you can see. I had to push down the purple yarn just so you can see that there is ribbon yarn behind it! LOL~~ I LOVE the yarn and the feel of it all. Now to find the perfect projects for each of the yarn kinds:-)

M My Husbands Hat. It is Black and DARK green. He picked them out. I plan to make a mini scarflette also for him to match. He hardly ever takes it off as he LOVES it! So had to take the picture with it on him.

As you can see I have very little room left for more yarn! LOL!! I'll just have to get looming to make room! I can't wait to PLAY!!!

Second Smiley's Yarn Shipment!

Here is my yarn!! Its not all of it as for some reason blogspot wants to be fussy and not load the rest! So I will post this and do another post. Anyhow I LOVE Smiley's and I'm very happy with their yarn and shipping. I now have enough of the right yarn to make some purses now that I have more colors in Wool. I see lots of different things being made with all my lovely yarn. My shelves are even FULL!! I'm almost done with my nieces present and will post it once it is done. Hopefully will be done sometime tomorrow. It might be a day late getting to her but, she should still be very happy. I'm starting a list of things I want to do and its LONG. I have printed out a lot of patterns and put them into a 3 ring binder book for safe keeping. I have a seperate LARGE 3 ring binder for the totally wonderful Looming Magazine!!! So I have LOTS of ideas. Not to mention all the books on Looming I have. Now its Where or what to start with first? LOL~Well back to trying to upload and also looming!