Thursday, February 26, 2009

More dyed roving!

I dyed this the other day in my trusty crockpot. I couldn't get it photo'd quite right. Its inbetween these two pictures for color. You get the idea tho. LOL~~ I have gotten quite good at getting 1 bold color and yet letting other colors come into it also. I'm proud of myself! I actually was showing a shop owner some of my dyed works and she is interested in my bold works of art:-) So gives me more of an excuse to buy roving and more dye colors!! LOL~~ So we will see. I have to make a label for them and come up with names. Not sure on the name this one will be yet. Still thinking. LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Bee

Hubby surprised me by ordering The Bee for me!! I'm sooooo excited. They are shipping them out this coming week word is. Since we are wholesalers of the wheel I get to show it off and also get others addicted to this gem.

You can see some video's at the side for this wheel and also the Mach 1 and Spindles!!! I will post pictures when it arrives. There is some pictures that was released to us on a couple posts below this one.

Yipeeee I'm getting The Bee!! Now to choose a name for her:-)

Jared's Hat and Mittens

Here is Jared's new hat and thumbless mits! I used Isela's hat pattern out of her first book and LOVE it!! The mits I made just like the no scratch mits. Its to hard to get a 8 month olds thumb into mittens. LOL~~ So I saved my sister that headache. I will be mailing this out tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More newly dyed rovings!

This is all Corridale roving that I dyed! I am very impressed with the crockpot dyed one which is thee purplr one with all different colors and it really turned out neat! When I first pulled it out and it wasn't dry I wasn't happy with it but, when it dryed and I could see how the different colors did actually take I was super pleased. Its also why there is more pics of it so you all can see also. I've had offers on this one from some that wanted to buy it but, I don't sell my rovings. Yet! LOL~~ So here is "Purple Magic"

This was my first time oven dyeing. Didn't turn out how I wanted. For some reason the green washed out fully:-( However when posting this onto one of my groups they said it looks like Superman! LOL~~ So here is "Superman"

I'm really enjoying dying my own roving and can't seem to spin fast enough! I am going to get the new Travel Wheel called "The Bee" and can't wait! I know she will help me spin this lovely roving very well.

Sammy's hat and mittens

Here is My Neice Samantha's hat with her mittens I made her. The yarn for the hat is Paton's twister in bongo blues and the mittens are out of 100% wool and handspun yarn. It is actually my husbands very 1st spun up yarn! So extra special:-)
I'm working on my nephew Jared's hat and mittens. Got sidetract with making a pair of baby booties for our hopefully soon to be created baby!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Bee Travel Spinning Wheel is Coming!! March 2009

The Bee Travel Wheel

Specifications of the Bee:

Weight : 13 lbs.

Open Folded

Height: 30 inches 12 inches

Width: 19 inches 19 inches

Depth: 13 inches 9 inches

Wheel Size: 2-9 inch diameter 2 - 9 inch diameter

1.5 in thick 1.5 in thick

Number of Speeds: 7

Ratio: 1:5 to 1:36 (Approximately)

Material: Furniture grade Birch Plywood

Bee Travel Wheel (Finished): $645.00 (Includes 3 bobbin)
Extra Bobbins: $30.00 ea

The Bee has many improvements over current Spinning wheels available on the market. Some of the standard upgrades include:* Open Orifice – allows thread of any size to be spun.

* Easy bobbin removal – no more hassles to change bobbins.

* 7 Ratio Speed Spindle – work at your speed.

* Multiple Bearings - for smooth and efficient operation.

* Heel rests – keeps the wheel in front of you, not across the room.

* Multiple rubber feet - for ultimate stability.

* Heavy duty construction – for years of dependable use.

* American made – what else can we say.

The Side View of the Bee closed and ready to go anywhere!

The Bobbin Release, smoother and easier yet! Simple squeezthe flyer arms, and pull the front off. To reassemble, just push it back on...

At the top on the right hand side you can view 3 video's on The Bee along with The Mach 1 and Drop Spindal

Please contact me if you want more information or want to pre-order this wheel! The Wheel is due to be released March 2009!!!