Friday, January 16, 2009

New loomy goodness!

This is the flowers that bloomed and was a gift from my parents at Christmas time. They are very pretty and gave me 2 blooms.

This hat is for my neice Samantha. I am making her a pair of mittens to go with the hat. It turned out so very cute and I LOVE this yarn! So glad I have more in different colors:-)

Ok, I have drove myself NUTS looking at patterns for me to knit for our upcoming baby. So I decided to maybe make the furtility gods to grant our wish. This is the FIRST baby Item I have made even before it is created! LOL~~ I made this quick and just played with stitches. I did the knit and purl stitch. It turned out very cute I think and can be for either sex:-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

My favorite humane society needs help!!1

Ok here's the thing. When Nate and I lived in WI before we adopted a kitten on my 21st b-day. Nate drove me to Barron County humane society and who this kitten you may ask was?? It was SNEAKERS!!!! Most of you have met sneakers or at least knew about him. He was the most friendly cat around. Loved to give kisses and boy did he ever know how to live up to his name! He was very sneaky. I would be in the bathroom and he would sneak in before I could shut the door! I would say out and he would look at me and then walk out sulking. He slept with me down by my feet after getting some loving scratches and petting. He was awsome with kids! I could go on forever about him. He really knew when I needed him as whenever I was in pain or sad he was right there for me. So he was very special.

Ok the place I adopted him is entered in this contest to win a huge makeover. They don't have a surgery area there and would love to have one along with other needed upgrades. So I heard this on the news Friday night and signed up right away! It is a awsome website. Soooo much to look at and do. There are many things you can do on this website that gets the humane society points which boosts them up in rankings! when I signed up they were number 27 and now they are number 13!! So I'm asking all my pet loving friends to lend me a hand. Please go to and sign up as its free. Send invites to all your friends to help also and get more points!! post pictures of your pets, 5 a day and get 15 points, post a journal get points, do pet wars voting get points, see what I'm getting at??!! LOL~~ Now of coarse spend as much time as you can afford to and get the points. Some just take a couple minutes each. I'm of coarse on there a lot:-) Add me as a friend so I can visit your area and see your pets! yes, this site is for ALL pets, cats, dogs, equine, lizards, birds, rabbits, guinne pigs, ect....

So if you could PLEASE help me support the place I got my best friend who passed away on 07 due to a black widow when we were gone it would mean the world to me!!