Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Action shots of our 2 horses and their new set up!

Some Yarns I've bought at discount places

I got this at Dollar Tree in MO on the way to WI. This was at Big Lots in Az I want to make a shawl with it. Its soooo soft!
I bought 10 of this color from Big Lots and it will be a lacy shawl for me.
Bargain Bills in Rice Lake, WI for .99 each!
same place
This was in the sale bin at Osceola's Yarn Parlar LYS and bought 2 of each color for a project in mind. Might go back and grab more if its still there.

Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Harvest Moon Sheep and Wool Festival Lake Elmo, MN

I got to Meet Karen and we got to shop together at the festival also!! My husband came with and so did her's so it was a great meet up! We shoped while it rained outside which wasn't great but, was a nive fiber day anyhow. LOL~~ We plan to meet up more while I'm in the area. Roving I got. My husband is going to learn how to spin!!! He is signed up for classes already and will be talking to other spinners and joining in some groups. He may even join Ravelry!! What a great hubby I have, Hey! Oh also he plans to get some alpacas, Llamas, sheep and so forth as time goes and then we can have our own fiber!! We are unsure of what we will start out with first but, will update as it happens. If it would have been nicer day Karen brought some of her Alpaca Fleece but, I didn't see it due to pooring rain. So next time we may go to their house and see the Alpaca's and the fleece then!!
I bought some felting needles! Plan to try these out soon.
600 Yards of Alpaca!!! I got another one like this but, can't find the picture. Got a different colorway tho. This is black and tan and the other is brown and white. BEAUTIFUL!! and soooo SOFT.
Roving. For some reason the picture I took is blurry and they are this way in all so for some reason it doesn't like the camera. It is soft and beautiful tho!!
This is Needle Felted animals. NON are done by me. They were shown at the show by Martin's Magical Menagerie. I do plan to learn how to do this tho as it is soooo neat!! They are very light also! Some of them were fairly large also! Like 7" or more!!

I took pictures of some roving at one of the venders for reference. This way I can go on their website and BUY once hubby is better at spinning. He wanted only some to start with.

Llama's in the barn!

nope a sample pic only.
I got this one! Hubby's bag and hand is in picture even. LOL~~ We got 8.1 ounces!

Cute kid but, was not with us. LOL~~ He liked the bunnies. The barn people couldn't sell their fiber so I have to buy Llama, some sheep, and angora off their websites which I plan to very soon!

Alpaca!! He was very curious of me and even stuck his head out at me. LOL

Baby sheep. Can't remember which type. There was goats there also.

Hubby fell in love with this little one. The owner was nice and let him hold it.
Can you find the rabbits head??? It is there! LOL

Demo on sheering.

Hope you liked it! It was a lot of fun!