Thursday, July 3, 2008


Introducing my NEW baby girl Trillogy's Magic Smoke Aka Tori!!!
She is Trillogy's Dream Finder's aka Dream full sister just a year younger. We picked her up last night. I tried to keep them in order but, it isn't fully. This pic was taken this morning.
We are at Lazy H Ranch picking up Tori but, I HAD to see the new babies there and of coarse their moms. There is 6 baby shetlands there this year.

Momma and baby. She's soooo cute!

Tori in the trailer. I took this once we stopped to get gas. I had to go into the trailer to help settle her down. She hasn't been in trailers much so she was scared. We had quite the adventure with her!! LOL~~ She is starting to get to know me tho which is great.
More babies at the ranch and moms

Tori this morning when we opened the top part of the door. I took some pics. Not sure how last night went but, no blood!! Abby Rose was the one that was kicking last night!

Nate grabbed the camera as I couldn't get a full pic and ended up getting me in the picture also. Oh well she is my baby girl!

I took this one and she wasn't sure about me backing away from her!!

Here they all are running together. I had DH make them run so I could see her in action. Abby Rose is being a hog. Tori wants soooo baddly to be right with them but, Abby is sticking like glue to Dream and those two walk super close together. So they are not all friends YET. It will take a couple days and that. I know they will all get along well.

This is about how they are at all times right now! LOL

I did get the two sisters together running tho and thought this was a cute picture!

All three of them eatting. See how Tori is a little bit back from the others? Poor girl but, I know it will get better.
Tori and Dream. Tori is more grayish. Dream is darker by far but, they look great together. Boy does Tori remind me of Dream when we first got her! She will come around. She has some work to do but, that is the fun part. I LOVE training!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my new baby girl and of coarse Dream and Abby. Can NEVER leave them out!