Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayers needed

Nate's father, Darrell just found out he has an agressive form of prostate cancer and goes in wed. to see if it has spread. Please send us prayers or good thought that this cancer has not spread and there will be no complications when he has surgery. So far surgery is scheduled but, if it has spread then he will have to do chemo and won't be able to do surgery. This hasn't fully hit us all yet I don't think. I'm very sad as Darrell is a wonderful Father In Law and has always been there for us along with Milda. So extra prayers and thoughts would be wonderful!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

MY DA LOOMS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new KK loom and 2 packs of the clips!!! Ok, here is what I'm SUPER excited about it my DA looms!!! I LOVE DA looms and how they feel and that they will last forever! They are also wonderful to work on and light weight. Anyhow I got:
Prayer shawl loom
Baby Afgahn loom fg
Fashion scarf loom sg
Wonderloom fg
Infinity rake loom 60" reg
Infinity afgahn 80" extra small guage

boxes they came in

Can't forget Isela's cable book that I re-bought due to it being not found in AZ when DH went to get more stuff so I figured I would just buy it again. Never hurts to have 2 right? LOL

Monday, September 15, 2008

horse pasture 2 done!

We finally got the second and largest pasture done! Its so funny as you will see that the tall grass is almost taller then all 3 of the girls!!! I will hopefully get some more great shots of the girls with the tall grass. They are very happy and running all over plus eatting of coarse.
Tori running into the pasture. Here is the path going out to the pasture
Gate will lead to either pasture with the right way to open it.
My hick of a husband. LOL

My cat Spirit
Speckles favorite toy that squeeks and is a bear.

Hope you enjoyed!!