Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby items done!

Our friends baby was born early but, healthy. Lucky for me I started things early! The blanket was a pattern from the Loom Crafts book where you can get at Walmart and so forth. It was pretty easy to do but, looks nice. I used Angel Hair Stripes from Sensations at Jo Anns. And the sensations Beautiful or something like that from Jo Anns also for the head of the bear and the trim. This is VERY soft.

Booties are done with Bethany's bootie pattern which is WONDERFUL. I did the no scratch mits from I believe Bev's site. Also did a quick normal hat. E-wrap for the brim and flat knit stitch for the rest and on the blue KK loom. I made the pom pom with knit wits loom help! LOL~~

Here is the beginning of a bag that we are doing on Ravelry LAL and its one of Isela's patterns. It has been one that I've wanted to do and bought during her sale before she chose it for a class. I chose a bulky yarn but, it didn't have the yardage needed so I had to buy 8 skeins just to make sure I had enough. The yarn is a nice wool but, learned not to pull hard as it WILL break! LOL~~ Yep pulled hard and it broke. Lucky it was long enough so I tied it and kept going. LOL~~ Will post before I felt it and after its felted which may be when we get to WI. Good excuse to bring more yarn with hey! LOL

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished Booties!

Well I'm proud to say these are done with NO goof ups!!! I wasn't sure if I should use the yarn I did as I wanted it for the gift set but, figured I would just do it anyhow as I'm running out of time! I did have to frog a little on the first one but, the second went smooth! Thanks for everyone for helping me and Bethany for such a wonderful pattern! This set is for our friends baby boy that is do May 15th. I have several other items that I'm making for them also. The blanket only needs mattress stitch and that will be done. So this week and weekend I should be posting more. I will be doing these booties again for my sisters baby who is due June 16th. Anyhow here they are! I'm very proud of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lion face Dishcloth

This is a test knit for Karen. She posted the pattern a couple months ago but, wanted an actual cloth to put on her website so I was lucky enough to be asked! I didn't get it done as fast as normal due to packing for our 6 month trip to WI and also making things for our friends baby boy who is due May 15th! Want to give them their gifts before we leave! I did luckly get it done and think it turned out very well. It is a cute pattern. I LOVE test knitting for the talented designers we have and feel proud that they choose me:-)

So come on everyone and start knitting this pattern for a baby blanket, dishcloth, washcloth, pillow, ect... it is so cute it can be anything! I might do the image on a baby bib and think it would look really cute:-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Baby Girl Abby is Pregnant!!

This is Trooper who is a wonderful donkey. He is also the father to Abby's baby she is carrying!! This baby will be the last of Troopers line as Susan his owner fixed him on Saturday. Sad but, a happy result. He has another baby coming in a month or so from another mare. This is the Mother to be Abby Rose. THis baby will be her first! It will be a mini mule.
So how did we find out? My hubby and I have noticed she was putting on weight. So when talking to Susan, a friend and who we adopted our girls from 2 yrs. ago just announced 2 of her girls were pregnant but, due in a month or two! Anyhow she called one of her friends and pet communicater Bonnie and she read what Susan's girls were having and if they were pregnant. SO I told hubby and he said lets do it. So with a phone call I spoke with Bonnie (very nice lady) and she talked to Abby after I gave her Abby's coloration and age. The result was: Abby says she IS PREGNANT and that it is a GIRL!! sHE JUST STARTED TO DO READINGS ON COLOR OF BABY AND SHE SAID ITS GOING TO BE GRAY!! This is wonderful!! We are all excited. During the communication my Dream girl was there and I was petting her and then Abby came up to me with this odd look on her face and ears back a bit like she was listening to something and it was really neat to see. So Our oldest baby girl is going to have a baby this fall! I will keep everyone updated during this exciting time. It will be our first foal for me and its very exciting. I know some are not sure about all this but, many people we know have done this and the results are correct. Susan has used her a lot with different mares and things and they have been right on! So I'm not a disbeliever at all. She is wonderful and I can't wait to use her again for more readings other then Pregnancy testing!!

So let the fun come and follow oour Abby Girls journey with us!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Painful day but, hubby tried to help:-)

I had another injection today. Only 2 more to go this month:-(....
However hubby was nice enough to take me to several places. One was to hunt down my favorite Knitting meeting called Simply Knitting which is a UK magazine and hard to find at times. I love one of the designers in there and HAVE to have this magazine and will subscibe this fall to it. Anyhow first we went to Borders where I found the magazine. Then we went to Big Lots and here is the following that I got there. There was other fun fur but, it was colors I already had plenty of so why buy more! LOL~~ I LOVE paton's yarns and found some I didn't have the colorways of......

Here is Michael's Clearence area and I got this cotton for .25!!!!

Here is Jo Anns. 3 of the purse handles I bought with Stephanie when we were shopping. I got the right hand ones today at the clearence isle!!! Gotta LOVE clearence Isles!!
This WILL be my bag that is Isela's pattern and its one of her classes. I finally found the bulky wool yarn and it was on sale 2 for $6. Only problem was there was less yards so I had to buy more then pattern said and decided to do 8 just to make sure! LOL
$2 a skein on the extra large skeins so I picked up some.

So that was my day and now I'm home in pain from walking to much but, guess that is life. I will be on the heatpad all night and popping pills. Unfortunatly this is my life and has been for awhile. Darn spine! Injections are not fun but, we are hoping it will get me to be pain free for awhile soon. We still have a long road ahead and its been 2.5 yrs already!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stephanie and I

Here is the picture that my husband took of Stephanie and Me. We had a lot of fun and plans for next year that includes lots of YARN stores! LOL~~ It was a wonderful fun filled day and she took my husband joking additude really well and tossed it right back at him! She is a wonderful lady and a great friend. I'm really glad we were able to meet up and spend a fair amount of time together. Shopping together in yarn stores was a lot of fun!

The yarn adventure

Well I got to meet up with Stephanie!! We went yarn shopping of coarse and hit 2 out of 3 LYS. It was a lot of fun! We also hit Jo Anns which I only bought purse handles and Dollar Tree where we hit the jackpot! And then Tuesday Morning which was not very good this time. We didn't buy anything from there. I will post picks of Stephanie and I together once hubby sends the picks off his phone. We both forgot our good camera's. LOL~~ It was a very fun day. I got to meet her wonderful family and we went to eat lunch first. Her family went hiking while we shopped. They tried to get my hubby to go with but, he wasn't up to hiking! LOL~~ He hasn't done that since he was 19! So he drove us around to all the shops and sat in the husband chair. LOL
Here is Patons Carmen I got from Dollar Tree! Patons Carmen from Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree again! LOL

I bought this at The Fiber Shop LYS in Prescot for the purse I'm making of Isela's. Not sure however that I got enough. Grrr, still might have to add more or find something in bulky yarn! I can't seem to find bulky wool in LYS's lately! This will be a bag just maybe not the one I planned.
I got this at LYS called A Good Yarn. I LOVE the colors. Only bought 1 but, thought I could make a small purse or something with it. There is a good amount of yards on it. Corn Fiber Yarn!! I saw this in Kingman and passed it up well I didn't pass it up this time. Thought of a baby bib but, not sure yet. I LOVE the feel of this! Got it at A Good Yarn.
Patons Allure I got from Dollar Tree!
Dollar Tree Buy again

I will post more picks soon. I promised Stephanie that I will take a new updated picture of my craft room of yarn as I haven't done it fully. So I will do this soon. I however have some packed away for taking to WI with me:-) I will take a pick of the 10 gal. rubber maid of it completely jam packed with yarn. I also put all my wool in a 10 gal. container also just in case we got moths while we were gone! I would be pissed if they chewed holes in my yarn!

Our horses

As you can see our girls are having fun eating one of their favorite treats WATERMELLON!!! They LOVE it and have lots of fun trying to get more then the other one. Dream is usually the boss but, they both do get their fair share.

I thought this to was funny and cute to not get a picture of. LOL~~ It looks like Abby has Lipstick On! LOL~~ Lovely pinkish red lips hey! She proudly shows her love of watermellon.

Dream making sure there is nothing left! They do NOT waste. She doesn't show the pink lips very well but, trust me she has them! Also wish I would have gotten the camera out while she was eating the red part and the liquid dripping out of her mouth. She is so funny when she eats watermellon. It was a nice 70 degree weather day!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Looking for.... ( horse people)

We are in need of 1 or if possible 2 10 inch horse saddles with all the straps. We have a large mini horse and a Shetland Pony and are traveling to WI for 6 months where I'm really positive they will have lots of kids wanting to ride them. I was going to see if we could borrow 1 or 2 from a friend but, then thought it might be best to see if we can get a good deal on one or two. HAS to be in good shape! Safty is a major thing with us as we will have young children on these saddles! If you have any PLEASE e-mail me with pictures, where you are from (hoping Az, NM, OK, KS, MN, and WI) Meaning on our way to WI and not out of the way. I know I'm a pain in the butt but, I know how hubby is and shipping isn't always cheap! Please include price.

E-mail them to