Friday, October 17, 2008

Spinolutions Mach 1 Spinning wheel

We are New Distributors of the awsome Spinolution's Mach 1 Spinning Wheel!!! This wheel is built very sturdy and spins like a dream. Great for new spinners and advanced spinners. So perfect for everyone!!! I will post more information later. So here are pictures of it and so enjoy!

Back of the wheel has its name on it. Front of the wheel. Look how HUGE the bobbin is! And it has NO orphas so this wheel is perfect for yarns of lace weight all the way to super bulky and also your art yarns!!!
The nobs close to the bottom are breaks!!
Look at the size of the bobbin!! Later I'll take a pick of this bobbin with compaired to an Ashford bobbin. You'll laugh your butt off. We did! LOL
Nate opening the box. It was like Christmas for him!
Nate is spinning one of Jen's Shetland rovings that I bought from her. Will input her info. for others to buy from her etsy shop.
This is almost 3/4 of a 4 oz roving and look at how little it looks! These bobbins can hold A LOT of yummy yarn!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

more roving from my class

here is the ones that were not dry yesterday but, they were today so I took pics and so here they are!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Contest for a new Loom!!

There is a NEW loom out from Dalooms!!!! I have copied part of the post on their website so I can be entered in for a chance to win. Now the more my readers click on the address and post on Isela's comments that you were brought there from this post my name goes in again!! Now I REALLY want this loom as I can make even more cool socks plus I'm totally addicted to their looms! LOL So please go to this site
Here is the Goods on it:

Come check it out at DA go to the New products box (right hand bottom corner) or go directly to the Wonder Sock Loom.But wait, it is our Anniversary Month so we want you to celebrate with us: enter Coupon OCTSALE and receive 10% off on the purchase of this loom (coupon only applies to this loom). As always, your loom will come with a knitting tool (heavy duty, pointy tip) and instructions. Also, we will send the new Pom-Pom Socks pattern with your loom. Stay tuned for more exciting happenings at DA!
CONTEST--cuz we all love contests :)
Would you like to win your very own Wonder Sock Loom: here is your chance!

Way # 1 to win it: Drop us a comment below and let us know why you think you deserve this loom. Example: Love looms, must collect them all! Be creative, make Sam smile, lol.

Way #2: Spread the news on your blog about this new Sock Loom and link it back to the DA site and you will be entered to win one Wonder Sock Loom! Come back and let me know that you posted about the new loom and I'll write your name down.

Way #3: (connected to #2): If someone else finds out about the loom from your blog and come to this blog and tell me that they saw it on your blog, you'll get one extra entry!
Winner will be announced Oct. 31st


first time dying!

Polypay yarn that I dyed up at my class yesterday. This was spun up by a friend as I wasn't sure if Nate would have time. All yarn here is dyed by me and is Polypay.
This was an experiment and only had 10 minutes left to dye. I mixed up the dye but, it should have had more. I may re-dye it when I buy dyes as I wanted it BOLD colors. It is still pretty tho. I is also not dry fully yet and is why its still on the clothesline. Yes its inside as WI is showing its true cold rainy colors.
TEAL, awww my favorite color along with turquoise. Still drying in 1 spot.
All dry and LOVE how the colors are super dark and then light. This was my FIRST one and LOVE it!!!
this is my second. I used the water of the blue one as it still had some dye left and mixed up another batch and added red and well this is what I got!! I LOVE this one also. The blue is a bit darker then what it is pictured but, still looks great.

here is a picture of what is left drying. 3 rovings and 1 yarn. Will take more pictures once it is fully dried.
So whatcha all think?? I WILL be buying dyes and doing this more often!! I have white Llama that is calling my name and also will be taking a class in the summer from the same lady. So I'm excited about this!! So this was a lot of fun.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm spinning!!

This is my FIRST full bobbin and its brown sheep wool. Very nice to spin. I have very little over spin in this and proud of it. THEN I got a wild hair and decided to try spinning Merino, a fiber my hubby has trouble spinning on the wheel we have right now and cusses it out. Well, needless to say I CAN spin it!! LMAO~~ He has been harrased about this already and I think its funny. Now when we get our new wheel which, I will post about it once it arrives and more exciting new on it. I'm sure he will be able to spin Merino once he gets that wheel, if not then I guess I get to spin it all:-) Anyhow this is merino and its color is called beach glass. Its from one of my favorite Etsy shops Copperpot. LOVE their stuff and have 2 more merino's to spin up and 1 other kind of fiber of theirs to spin.

I have been so busy knitting for Christmas gifts that I haven't had time to spin more but, do plan to very soon!!!

Feeling the Llama Love:-)

I went to Shady Ridge Farms in New Richmond,WI and got some of their Lovely Llama fiber!! It was a rainy day but, I still braved it with my friend Jen and her friend April. It was a lot of fun. We met up with Lori there also and saw another guild member. So anyhow I got 3 bags of llama and I'm in love with this!! I plan to mix some of it with another fiber. Now to plan out what I'm going to knit with it once I spin it up! Yep I'm spinning now also. Look for more exciting news about a spinning wheel soon!!! Oh and on Sat. I'm taking a dying class so I'm very excited about this and will be buying dyes from a WI local farmer and friend. Will post her info as soon as I figure out how to add links!!