Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest festival

Here is our goodies from the festival!! Black Llama raw. about 2 pounds.
2 pounds of White Llama

5.3 oz of Angora wool ( as is Mufasa)

Close up of the purple roving

Fairy Dust. Nate liked this one so got it for him to spin up. 8 oz!!

This one is my choice. I'm trying hard to stay away from teal's as I seem to dye that alot myself and so I have lots. LOL~~ 8oz.

Here is the blue and purple together. This will be spun up and probably plied together.

The actual sheep the fiber is from

Here is close up of the sheeps fiber all ready for spinning!! YUMMMMMMM

Meet Mufasa

Our Second year going to Shepherd's Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo, MN was a LOT of fun. We ended up however taking home a live animal. LOL~~ Meet Mufasa, yep from the Lion King movie. We named him this because he very much acts like a king. LOL~~ He if VERY calm and dosile and LOVES attention. He's sitting on my lap during these photo's. So look forward to seeing more of Mufasa. Oh~ He is an English Angora Rabbit. We shear him 3 to 4 times a year for his lovely wool and can spin it into yarn!!! SUPER SOFT!!! He is 1 yr. 2 months old in this photo.

Mufasa is in the cage at the festival. He's the upper right hand cage.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spinning, dyeing and raw wool!

Well I haven't updated in awhile. So I'm putting this all in one post. LOL~ I have been spinning, dyeing and have gotten some raw wool in to support my habbit. LOL~Hubby's habbit also as he does spin. We are going to send the raw wool to get processed into roving and clouds so we can spin it and dye it:-) Some will of coarse be left all natural because well, its beautiful the way it is
:-) I got 3 large bags of Dorset from a very nice lady we know from our local feed store! I'm in heaven!! It was very nice of her to give them to me. It will go to very good use. Its going to be fun spinning and dyeing it. Some will be left natural also and I will LOVE knitting it up into beautiful items. 8 oz of roving all spun up:-) This is the FIRST fiber spun on my new wheel The Bee~ How wonderful this wheel is. I'm in love.

Close up of singles
Hubby wanted some action so he grabbed his Mach 1 with the HUGE bobbins that goes with the wheel and plyed my singles into 2 plyed yarn! YUMMY!!!!

This was roving I got as a christmas gift from Lindsay and it is awsome!! It spun up soooo nice. I plan to ply it with something just haven't found the perfect thing yet.

Teal pencil roving that is dyed by me and in the crockpot. It does have hints of purple also. This fiber was bought white and from Frene Creek Farms in WI.

All balled up:-)

My favorite! Finally I got BOLD colors from oven dyeing!! Thanks Lindsay for the help!!!

Its dry and ready to be balled up!

Singles from a roving that I Dyed up!

Here is what the picture above looked like before it was spun up! YUMMY!!

I named this Easter. LOL~~ It was my 2nd attempt to dyeing in the oven. Needless to say it went lighter then I planned but, it still lovely. I wanted BOLD colors however. LOL

All Dry!!
Some Dorset I got from a guy in Amery. Has to be processed.

We bought these from someone that advertised in the yellow paper. Hubby has what it is written down. I know its crossed and it has polypay in it. Will post the crosses when I find where hubby wrote them down! LOL

Here are the bags from the guy we bought the fiber from. Will be processed soon!

This is 2 pounds of Jacob sheep that Hubby bought off ebay. It is VERY nice fiber. It will be the first to be sent off for processing along with another bag. Just have to choose which. LOL~~ Have to send some out every month or every other month so it doesn't hurt the pocket book! LOL
Thanks for Looking. I love sharing what I'm up to with everyone.